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 Updated 02/10/18


        Business Agents   

                                                             Pat O'Conner 

PATRICK O'CONNOR: Was appointed Business Representative on September 1, 2000. He belongs to LL516 and is out of the Manitowoc Company.  Pat is currently the Assistant Directing Business Agent at District 10.


                  Ben Elizondo

    Ben Elizondo was  appointed as a Business Representative and has taken over some shops in our Lodge. Ben was previously the President of Local Lodge 66,  District 10's biggest lodge and also the District Lodge Vice President

                               Local 516 Officers and Staff

President        Steven J. Garber      

Vice President  Steve Johnson

Recording Secretary              


Conductor/Sentinel     Troy Vraney

Trustee  Janice Krueger

Trustee   Todd Hansen

Trustee  Scott Tuschel

Auditor  Jack Pribek

Auditor  Eugene Runnoe


District 10 Delegate                 Steve Garber

District 10 Delegate                 

District 10 Delegate                 Pat O'Conner

Refreshment Committee         Eugene R. Runnoe

Lunch Committee                     Eugene R. Runnoe

Lodge Communicator              Steven J. Garber

Web Steward                           Steven J. Garber

Lodge Educator                       Steven Garber

          Organizing Committee            Steven Garber (Chairman)

                                                           Pat O'Conner




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